Toll Manufacturing (OLD)

Toll Manufacturing, also known as Contract Manufacturing is rapidly becoming a viable option for many organizations constrained by

  • Supply chain shortages of input raw materials
  • Surge orders beyond manufacturing capacity
  • Labor shortages
  • Equipment and spare parts delivery delays

Toll manufacturing can help both new and established firms lessen the effect from these shortages and can also offer

  • Rapid entry into market
  • No capital-intensive equipment purchases required
  • Additional manufacturing personnel not needed

INTOCERAMICS offers Targeted tolling services for ceramic products ranging from raw material sourcing to finished product production of mineral based products.  We offer

  • Dry/semi-dry ceramic and mineral-based processes
    • Weighing, blending and mixing
    • Size reduction, milling, grinding
    • Drying
    • Forming by extrusion, granulation, pressing
    • Calcining, sintering, fusion
    • Screening and size classification
    • Physical and analytical testing and conforming to standards

We do not offer services for chemical compounding, hazardous materials, FDA or OSHA regulated substances or any products intended for human or animal consumption. Our tolling services are targeted for production in the range of 50 to 1,000 kgs per month production.