About OPF Enterprises

OPF Enterprises consultants bring more than 70 years of boots-on-the-ground experience in manufacturing operations and leadership. Our core expertise is ceramics, but our combined years of working in the trenches give us a practical perspective, allowing us to guide our clients to a variety of effective solutions. In addition to the information provided on this website, we also offer a downloadable capabilities brochure.

We specialize in:

  1. Manufacturing Consulting — from manufacturing plant site selection and start-up to work-flow and manufacturing process improvement, we assist you in achieving these fundamentals in the modern factory allowing you to maximize employee satisfaction and profitability.
  2. Business Development — offering support for start-up needs whether you are expanding an existing plant, adding another plant, or designing your first manufacturing operation.
  3. Site Selection Consulting — OPF Enterprises has a proven track record as site selection consultants working with both manufacturing firms and economic development organizations.

We are problem solvers.

Whether you are an individual with a material or business idea, an existing manufacturing firm wishing to enter a new market, or a new group seeking to develop a product and business, we can help you.

We are a group of ceramic engineers, ceramists, and manufacturing professionals whose leadership team has spent more than a combined 60 years “playing in the dirt.”

We have been responsible for multiple, manufacturing plant design/builds, which we started and ran as well. OPF stands for On the Plant Floor, and that is where we continue to live and work.

OPF is active on four continents — North America, South America, Europe and Asia — and we expect that we will soon be active in Australia as well. Our international projects have included:

  • Mineral evaluations
  • Manufacturing plant design
  • Process improvements in existing factories
  • Market evaluations
  • New product development / start-up