Lightweight Aggregates

Lightweight Aggregate (LWA) is traditionally made using clay or shale fired in a rotary kiln where it expands to create high porosity in to form of bubbles which lowers that bulk density by 1/3 to ½  that of traditional heavy stone aggregate.

The IntoCeramics team has developed unique formulations to produce LWA from materials other than clay or shale that meet all requirements for use in

  • Residential concrete mixes
  • Geotechnical concretes
  • Highway asphalt and concrete mixes
  • High abrasion anti-skid road surface treatments
  • Concrete masonry units
  • Soil amendments
  • Many others

Of particular interest to IntoCeramics and its clients are materials that are otherwise considered a cost burden in the form of waste.  We have developed LWA using both industrial waste and post-consumer waste

  • Mine tailings
  • Waste glass
  • Excess red clay & sand mixtures
  • Solids from slurry de-watering operations

Not only do our LWA project reduce costs for the operator, but it also lessens the strain on the environment by re-use and re-purposing of waste into a valuable high-volume product.

Let our team investigate your materials.