Research And Process Development

Basic research is what universities and government institutions do. While we at IntoCeramics admire what these institutions and researchers are able to accomplish, it is not what we are about.

IntoCeramics is Practical Research and Development. We are not interested in making the best 500 grams of powder ever produced-we are interested in helping firms make the best 500 kgs, 1000 kgs, 10,000 kgs, or 10,000,000 kilograms that can be produced at a profit.

Many times, our practical development starts with material characterization.

Our partnership with Clemson University’s Bishop Materials Research Center allows us to have sophisticated analyses performed, e.g., X-Ray diffraction mineralogy and X-Ray Fluorescence chemistry.

We also partner with physical testing labs for aggregate testing and environmental qualification.
Finally, our laboratory is equipped to perform the processing needed to turn raw material into a finished product-all guided by initial particle characterization. And if you only want your material analyzed and the results reported, we can do that.

This is our Practical Research and Development approach that can work for you. Whether we are your only R&D resource or we are aiding your own R&D team, we will remain practical in helping you achieve your goals. We are also here to support your efforts with our expertise in developing IP (patent) technologies for your applications.

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