Innovation Center

Located in Houston, Texas, our Innovation Center focuses on raw material evaluation coupled with practical research and development. Our well-equipped and staffed facilities will determine if your project is viable. We have long used a phased approach to our work, allowing a go/no go decision at each phase.

Is it possible?

  • Analytical and ceramic processing testing


  • Market Potential
  • Formulation, physical processing, and testing with other materials as needed
  • High level capex/opex; environmental
  • & regulatory issues
  • Will it be profitable


  • Prove process at larger scale with full properties testing
  • Design facility; capex/opex at high accuracy


Proudly helping a wide range of clients.

Startup Companies or Individual

We support many clients that do not have laboratory testing facilities to further research and development efforts. IntoCeramics operates a fully equipped testing laboratory including extensive equipment for:

We also offer extensive analytical testing through our partnership with Clemson’s Bishop Materials Research Center, allowing IntoCeramics to be a full-service facility.

These capabilities allow IntoCeramics to be a highly cost-effective resource for new firms or individuals ready for proving a concept.

Emerging Growth Companies

These companies often have a successful business model, revenue, and are ready to take the next step in revenue growth. Often the greatest barrier is in development of:

  • Upscaling to larger production quantities
  • Streamlining processes for greatest efficiency
  • Facility plan design
  • Accurate CAPEX/OPEX

IntoCeramics experience in process design, business development AND our extensive laboratory facilities offers unique opportunities for the emerging growth company that is finding itself limited. We collaborate with your technical and business staff to find the best path forward.

Medium to Large Firms

Often, a firm or a division of a firm lacks expertise in certain areas. And sometimes even if a firm has the expertise, they may not have the time available these days to execute the needed research development and testing.

If your areas of development include any of the following industries, IntoCeramics can provide what these firms may not have or the opportunity to develop.

Our material science and mineral expertise include:

  • Kaolin
  • Ball Clay
  • Bauxite
  • Limestone
  • Ceramic fluxes including feldspars and nepheline syenite
  • Binders-Organic and Inorganic
  • Quartz and silica sands
  • Garnet and igneous minerals