Forming / Granulation / Extrusion

Extrusion Forming Capabilities

  • Our J C Steele vacuum extruder is a highly versatile machine that can mix and form  a wide variety of materials suitable for further processing or to sinter
    • Plastic Materials
      • Clays and clay mixes
      • Fine-grained filter cakes with  moderate plasticity arising from small particle size
    • Non-Plastics with appropriate binders
      • Binders may be
        • Aqueous or non-aqueous
        • Organic or inorganic
      • Short List of non-plastic materials that can be processed
        • Aluminum oxides and other technical ceramic powders
        • Mine waste (tailings)
        • Non-oxide minerals and ceramics
        • Mineral of all types
        • Many others
    • Profile shape extrusions can be produced with the proper die, or the material can be shredded to sizes convenient for handling
    • Extrusions may be tailored for high, medium, or low density with vacuum capability.
  • IntoCeramics has the knowledge and ability to process your materials  for extrusion forming by drying, milling, and pre-mixing as well as complete processing after extrusion including physical material characterization, analytical testing, and thermal processing.

The IntoCeramics extruder is suited for testing of a few pounds but can be configured to produce larger quantities if needed.