Site Selection Consulting

OPF Enterprises has a proven track record as site selection consultants who work with both manufacturing firms and economic development organizations. Our goal is to match an area’s goals of community growth with the needs of companies planning to start operations, expand, or relocate.

OPF Enterprises has successfully:

  • Designed and built four factories and consulted on numerous plant expansions.
  • Selected a site for a start-up company which included physically visiting over 80 possible locations in eight states.
  • Interacted with many state and local economic development organizations regarding site selection, infrastructure, and incentives.
  • Devised a proprietary score card ranking methodology to qualify potential sites.
  • Negotiated local and state incentives.

Site Selection Consulting Services for Economic Development Organizations

We take on a project from the viewpoint of an industrial firm investigating your area and tailor the process specifically to you. The project will be highly collaborative between your team and OPF and takes full advantage of your team’s knowledge and experience.

We will work with your team to help you:

  • Understand the manufacturing site selection process from start to finish by participating hands-on in a site selection case study with OPF.
  • Learn why existing buildings and properties are often crucial to your goals of community growth.
  • Learn the importance of a cohesive voice when dealing with firms interested in your area.
  • Understand how existing businesses in your area can make or break your efforts.
  • Learn how your community compares to other communities with our unique score card ranking system and learn how you can improve that score.
  • Discover needed changes in your process to meet and exceed the expectations of potential industrial companies considering your community as a location.
  • Learn of the industries that are best suited to your community, and if desired, let OPF help you reach out to those who will likely be most receptive.
  • Gain information on best practices, how to remove obstacles, and effectively engage potential companies.
  • Understand the true needs of firms and the real effect of incentives.

Working with Manufacturing Firms Considering Sites

We work with start-up manufacturers seeking the ideal site, as well as with firms looking to relocate or expand operations in new areas.  Whether your company is seeking a greenfield or brownfield site, we can help sort through potential locations to find a site that meets your company’s specific needs.

For further information about our work as site selection consultants and the process we use, please contact OPF.