Waste Stream Minerals

Turn Your Mineral-Bearing Waste Stream
Into Value-Generating Ceramic Products

Mining or Mineral Operator

Imminent Waste Challenges / Excessive Disposal Costs

Running out of space to pile up unusable material?
Tired of seeing your margins eaten up by landfill costs?
Ready to make a positive social and environmental impact?
Convinced there has to be a way to turn mineral waste into value?

IntoCeramics has decades of experience analyzing, processing, and formulating materials to find pathways for turning industrial waste streams into value generating ceramic products. If there’s a commercial opportunity hidden in your waste stream, we’ll help you find it.

Undeveloped Minerals Owner

Extract Maximum Value when Developing New Assets

Uncertain how waste and tailings will affect your profit potential?
Ready to pre-plan how to mitigate the waste and tailings you will generate by turning them into useful products?
Want to find a solution that extracts maximum value from your deposit while benefitting the environment?

IntoCeramics can take your existing analyses or perform testing to determine which of the minerals associated with your tailings or process waste can contribute added value through ceramic processing.

NOTE: IntoCeramics is not a buyer, seller, or broker of raw materials. We consult and develop your waste stream minerals into value-generating ceramic products.

Management Consultant

Help Clients Turn Cost Centers into Value

Uncertain whether a mineral stream could be economic?
Looking for ways to help your client reduce waste volumes and costs?
Ready to help your client boost their social and environmental credibility?
Lacking the expertise to connect the dots from waste to ceramics?

IntoCeramics has over 70 years’ experience spanning R&D, material formulation, pilot scale testing, process design, plant design, and boots on the ground plant management and optimization. We can provide the in-depth expertise you need to help your client reduce waste and make more money.

How We Help

We Support You from Start to Finish

Laboratory Analysis

Analyze and evaluate your bulk material to determine potentially exploitable minerals for extraction and processing.

Formulation & Testing

Process and blend minerals derived from your source material and test their effectiveness as raw materials for ceramics.

Pilot Scale Validation

Test the process developed for your source material, producing pilot-scale batches for evaluation by potential end-users.

Process Design & Construction

Design manufacturing processes, specify equipment, and represent you during all phases of construction and start-up.

Plant Operation & Optimization

Apply six sigma lean manufacturing, build teams, and develop plant culture to optimize operations and performance.

Commercial Viability

Leverage network of industry decision-makers to introduce your product to the market and find commercial outlets.